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Working with Rose Associates

Rose Associates provides on-site leasing services for landlords.  At select buildings, the landlord pays outside brokers a fee equal to one months rent for procuring cause on new leases.  Be sure to accompany your client on the first visit to the leasing office and any lease signings.  As long as you have registered your client, you will be protected.  Only one fee is paid.  Should there be multiple brokers working with one prospect, the fee will be paid to the broker who was present at lease signing.

Due to the fact that Rose Associates works with multiple landlords, the policies vary from building to building.  It is important that you confirm policies with the leasing manager at each building.

Appointments RECOMMENDED

Although leasing offices are open for walk-ins, it is preferred that brokers make appointments.  Prospects with appointments are given priority over walk-ins. An appointment will ensure that you and your client are given a tour promptly upon your arrival.

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