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Energy and Technical Services

The Rose technical services team is available for our clients as an internal consultant for property operations and repairs. The team maintains building systems for peak operating efficiency and provides guidance and assistance with building management to ensure regulatory compliance.

Our technical services team works closely with our property management team to refine preventive maintenance programs and assist building staff with maintenance and repair solutions designed for residential properties. 


We established Energy Management Services to develop tailored energy savings plans and implement co-generation and conversion projects. EMS is dedicated to helping reduce energy costs for our clients through detailed analysis of the Local Law 87 reports, case study modeling, trending fuel commodity markets as well as financial analysis of possible energy efficient measures. We offer energy procurement, demand management, utility bill audits, energy assessments as well as energy upgrades and capital improvements.

From Obligation to Opportunity

Like a living organism, each building is unique, presenting its own challenges. Equipment that is well suited to one location may be unworkable at another, and different ages, sizes, amenities and systems call for specialized approaches to energy management. In this white paper, two interwoven case studies showcase the complexity of conversion projects and the need for a holistic management approach. Download our energy white paper.  


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