We serve as your project manager for all marketing needs. We work with a variety of agencies with expertise in branding, collateral creation, model design, PR, and digital media. We will help you identify the best fit for the needs of the property and oversee all projects from concept through completion.

Virtually all apartment searches start online, and we understand how to position your property for maximum exposure. We work with website designers to ensure that best practices for search engine optimization are implemented during the design and development phases, and actively manage ongoing SEM campaigns for individual properties.

As part of our digital marketing platform, we maintain and its mobile site, optimized for handheld and tablet devices. Developed to capitalize on an expanding syndication network, allows for real time updates to be sent automatically to the national ILS sites as well as the hyper local listings sites specific to New York.

Social media initiatives and online reputation management have become increasingly more important components of a successful leasing strategy. We manage community page posting to deliver engaging content that is relevant while providing a sense of community for current residents, and monitor social review sites to ensure that a good first impression can be made with prospects

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306 Gold Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Number of Units: 303
Type: Condominium
Retail Space:
Services Provided: Property Operations
Technical Services
Leasing & Sales
Construction Management

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200 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016 (212) 210-6666