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Job Title Commercial Property Manager
Location: New York
State New York
Date Posted: 7 Nov 2019
Position Description:

The Commercial Property Manager (CPM) is responsible for the successful management of retail, professional, office and garage units within Rose Associates’ portfolio of mixed-use properties in NYC. The primary portfolio is approximately 100  such spaces within commercial condominium units owned by Rose Sponsor Entities in 10  Manhattan cond-op properties. Responsibilities also include assisting Rose Community and Property Managers with management of commercial spaces within mixed-use and multifamily properties owned by third party clients and Rose affiliates. Lastly, the CPM acts as facility manager of Rose’s corporate offices at 777 Third Avenue.

The CPM is the primary point of contact for commercial tenants of the Rose Sponsor Entities. The CPM represents these Entities as the landlord under the existing leases, ensuring that both landlord and tenant fulfill their obligations under these documents. The CPM liaises with the third party property manager for each condominium to ensure continuity of services to the commercial units in conformance with the condominium documents for each location.

For Rose-managed multifamily properties, the CPM acts at the direction of the SMD and other senior MF executives to support on-site and portfolio property managers in the successful oversight of the commercial tenants in their properties. In this role, the CPM is primarily acting as an internal consultant to assist Rose management personnel with limited commercial experience.

As facility manager for Rose’s corporate office, the CPM also acts as the primary point of contact with the sub-landlord and over-landlord for the space and ensures the full functionality of the space for Rose’s business operations.

Key functional responsibilities of the CPM position include property repair and maintenance, project management of limited budget capital improvement projects, monitoring and collection of rent arrears, and property inspections to ensure lease compliance. 

In each role, the CPM maintains positive relationships with property managers and tenants, as well as Rose corporate staff, The actions of the CPM should build the positive reputation of Rose Associates, Inc. (RAI), while achieving revenue and expense budgets, executing capital improvements and meeting all legal requirements.

Essential Responsibilities:

Owner(s) & Tenant Relations:

  • Timely and accurately interacts and communicates directly with property owners, asset managers and business partners to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Attend meetings with property owner’s representatives when required.
  • Consistently initiate, implement and enforce approved property policies/procedures.
  • Oversee all significant tenant communications (complaints, tenant improvements, and major building events).
  • Perform all duties/functions as required and outlined in the Management Agreement between Rose Associates, Inc. and property owner as well as the terms/conditions included in tenant leases.
  • Work collaboratively and effectively with other RAI departments (i.e., Human Resources, Compliance,  Technical Services, Budget, Leasing, and Accounting).

Building Operations:

  • Contract and oversee Landlord maintenance/repair work and improvements, including obtaining quotes from vendors, scheduling and coordinating work, and reviewing work after completion.
  • Perform regular property inspections to ensure tenant compliance with lease terms.
  • Available 24/7 to respond to building emergencies to coordinate require resources and provide appropriate guidance in securing the emergency and implementing corrective and preventive actions.
  • Ensure that all tenant service requests are properly recorded, communicated and signed off appropriately by property or third party maintenance personnel.
  • Oversee tenant and property owner construction projects and capital improvements as required.
  • Create, develop and implement new policies/procedures and internal controls within RAI guidelines when required and/or requested by client.
  • Immediately reports all liability and property incidents to the Managing Director, appropriate insurance agency (when required) and client.  Ensure that the required paper work is properly completed and distributed to the appropriate parties.
  • Ensure that all unsafe conditions are properly communicated to the appropriate parties and are corrected and documented in a timely and expeditious manner.

Financial & Administrative Functions:

  • Collaborate with Asset Management team in the  preparation of an Annual Operating Budget in a timely and accurate manner whereby CPM is responsible to stay within the established budget guidelines throughout the year.
  • Timely review and approve Monthly Financial Statements for each property; identify and report errors and/or discrepancies to Accounting Department.
  • Monitor rent collections and assist Accounts Receivable Department when necessary (i.e., attend court hearings on behalf of property owner).
  • Attend evictions and establishes RAI RPO utility accounts when spaces are vacated.
  • Timely process and approve vendor invoices through approved accounts payable procedures; manage vendor communications, payments expenditures and records; review charges, identify and report discrepancies.
  • Assure that appropriate tenant and RAI contractor Certificate of Insurance requirements and policies/ procedures are in place at all properties.
  • Monitor and ensure timely and accurate processing of all tenant related paper work into the Rose’s MRI Accounts Receivable Software (i.e., new leases, lease renewals, lease terminations, tenant charges).
  • Ensure current resident files and property files are properly maintained in accordance with RAI and client guidelines.
  • Ensure that all of the required tenant operating permits and employee certifications are current and not expired.
  • Ensure compliance with all RAI, local, state and federal safety rules.
  • Closely monitor the work of outside contractors at the property to ensure compliance with insurance requirements, contractual agreements, municipal codes, and safety standards.

Position may be required to perform duties outside their normal responsibilities as needed and when requested.

Qualifications and Competencies:
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, marketing, real estate or finance.
  • 5 years of property management experience with  a retail portfolio of properties.
  • Working technical knowledge of building operations and maintenance.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel, Word ,Outlook and MRI.
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