Chelsea Landmark

The goal with Chelsea Landmark was to set a new standard for luxury in a rental building. Despite building during a construction boom, we managed costs while giving residents the high-end finishes and amenities typically seen only in condominiums. We achieved lease-up in less than 12 months and set a new pricing benchmark for the neighborhood.

Chelsea Landmark

55 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Number of Units: 407
Type: Rental
Retail Space: 17,007
Services Provided: Advisory & Pre-Development
Construction Management
Leasing & Sales
Retail & Commercial
Energy and Technical Services
Property Management Operations


  • Developed standard-setting luxury rental featuring an amenity area of unprecedented size and scope
  • Pre-purchased trades to counter construction-boom pricing
  • Achieved total lease-up in less than 12 months at a new pricing benchmark
  • Leased 26,000 sf retail block to Fairway Market and oversaw build-out of the commercial space