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Advisory & Pre-development

We provide analysis on current market conditions and insight on future trends.  We ensure that a property is positioned to resonate with residents upon opening, and continue to deliver sustained value in the future. Our market information also helps us develop viable pro-forma documents and provides supporting market-value studies for lenders throughout the financing process. 

Our team works closely with the design and architectural teams, assisting in back-of-house design, planning building amenities, and determining finishes and unit mix based on the target market. We leverage our retail expertise to identify potential target tenants based on the neighborhood demographics and market conditions. This insight is key to the design and presentation of the commercial space.


Featured Property

Chelsea Landmark

55 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Number of Units: 407
Type: Rental
Retail Space: 17,007
Services Provided: Advisory & Pre-Development
Construction Management
Leasing & Sales
Retail & Commercial
Energy and Technical Services
Property Management Operations