The Larstrand Rooftop


Our firm was founded as a development company. We share this expertise as an equity partner or owner’s representative, leveraging three generations of experience developing and repositioning residential properties in New York.

The Rose 360 Platform addresses all stages of a project with our in-house team of marketing, development and construction experts, ensuring the development plan is fully coordinated. Our reputation for integrity and close relationships with industry professionals and lending institutions benefit our partners and clients, providing a meaningful advantage in the development of a property.

Our professionals bring energy and decisiveness to each project, helping to define the vision that stands behind each individual property. Our plan of development is thoughtful, addressing all client/partner needs, from risk tolerance to timing. We develop capital structures that deliver maximum return and work to secure both debt and/or equity.

Featured Property

The Larstrand

227 West 77th Street, New York, NY 10024

Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Number of Units: 181
Type: Rental
Services Provided: Advisory & Pre-Development
Construction Management
Leasing & Sales
Energy and Technical Services
Property Management Operations