Property Operations

At Rose, we are experienced in managing varied properties, from modern high-rise office towers to rehabilitated pre-war structures. Our team is dedicated to bringing properties to their highest and best use, achieving strong occupancies to increase capital value.

Our management services enable individual and institutional owners to focus on larger business opportunities by providing management from an owner’s perspective, maximizing resident satisfaction, property income and capital value.

Multifamily management

For rental properties, our systems provide enhanced cash flow and payment information, reduced vacancy loss, enhanced resident retention, increased efficiency and accountability in building operations, and economies of scale in vendor contracts.

INstitutional housing

We have special expertise managing institutional properties for medical and educational clients. Currently, we oversee more than 2,000 units across 27 locations under our Institutional Housing practice.


New York is one of the most complex regulatory environments in the world; our compliance capability is a proven, critical resource for our clients. Our compliance team manages the transition for all new property assignments and oversees our proprietary compliance database.

The Rose compliance team tracks permits, licensing and insurance expirations, working directly with property teams to ensure that all properties are up-to-date. We also serve as the conduit for disseminating information about new regulations and requirements, and monitor implementation.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Administration

We have extensive experience in the management of Low Income Housing Tax Credit, and Liberty Bond Properties monitored by HFA and HDC. Essential to managing these properties is a thorough understanding of the regulatory process for resident eligibility, income determination, certification of income and assets and reporting to the respective regulatory agency.

Resident Satisfaction

We deliver the highest level of resident satisfaction, which creates value by enhancing resident retention and tolerance for rent increases. Many of our managed properties participate in an on-going survey research program to help us monitor and measure resident satisfaction against a national benchmark.

Featured Property

Chelsea Landmark

55 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10010

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Number of Units: 407
Type: Rental
Retail Space: 17,007
Services Provided: Advisory & Pre-Development
Construction Management
Leasing & Sales
Retail & Commercial
Energy and Technical Services
Property Management Operations