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Our Services

Through our 360 Platform, we pursue new development opportunities and provide a full suite of services to manage property operations and enhance asset value. We currently oversee more than 25,000 units across New York, with approximately $2 billion under development for ourselves and clients.

New Developments
James L. Hedden
(212) 210-6622

Advisory & Pre-development

The Rose 360 Platform is fully engaged during the critical pre-development phase, setting the direction for a residential development that will best protect and increase the value of the asset. Our multi-disciplined team brings expertise in financial analysis, alternative debt strategies, building design and marketing, with more than 85 years in the New York market.

Construction Management

We offer a full spectrum of construction oversight and project management services to support our new development activities. We also manage conversion and renovation programs for existing buildings.


Our firm was founded as a development company. We share this expertise as an equity partner or owner’s representative, leveraging three generations of experience developing and repositioning residential properties in New York.

Existing Buildings
J. Brian Peters
(212) 210-6625

Leasing & Sales

At Rose, we believe that each property has a unique personality. We provide knowledgeable, creative and innovative ideas for cost-effective campaigns that leverage the individuality of each property.


We serve as your project manager for all marketing needs. We work with a variety of agencies with expertise in branding, collateral creation, model design, PR, and digital media. We will help you identify the best fit for the needs of the property and oversee all projects from concept through completion.

Property MANAGEMENT & Operations

At Rose, we are experienced in managing varied properties, from modern high-rise office towers to rehabilitated pre-war structures. Our team is dedicated to bringing properties to their highest and best use, achieving strong occupancies to increase capital value.

Retail & Commercial

Our rich history in property management and residential marketing provides our retail professionals with an intuitive understanding of the relationship between a building’s residential and commercial tenants. This enables us to assist developers during the pre-development stage by identifying a preferred merchandising mix with the residential and commercial markets in mind. We also improve existing assets by working to upgrade the retail space in order to optimize value.

Energy & Technical Services

Day-to-day, our technical services include maintaining building systems for peak operating efficiency, managing regulatory compliance, and on-call emergency support. We also oversee renovations and capital projects and have extensive experience developing energy improvement programs and executing conversion and cogeneration projects